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Individual Therapy.

You're ready to heal and feel like yourself again. Ready to feel confident and seen and whole. To find ways to cope with (or put an end to) difficult relationships. To cope with the anxiety & heaviness within your body and mind that has gotten to be too much. Maybe the stress of work and family and life and your relationships just isn't sustainable anymore.  

I'm here to help.


Many of my clients were raised by emotionally-immature parents and now struggle with heightened anxiety and hypervigilance, feeling shut down or highly anxious in relationships, or feeling as though they are "too much" or "not enough". Some experienced emotional neglect or other forms of developmental trauma as children and are "high-achievers" or "people pleasers". Some are also parenting children and are trying their damnedest to be the parents they wish they would have had. Clients come to me with the hope of healing & building healthier relationships, but don't know where to start or haven't been able to do it on their own. That's where I come in. 


  • feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and worry

  • feeling shut down, depressed, or angry

  • struggles with shame and feelings of inadequacy

  • relationship conflict

  • difficulties setting and maintaining healthy boundaries with oneself and with others 

  • difficulties getting along with others

  • stress management

  • processing through and healing from family-of-origin wounds or developmental abuse

  • transitioning to a new job, school, career, or home

  • substance use problems

  • grief & loss


  • preparing emotionally, psychologically, and relationally for baby

  • anxiety, depression, scary thoughts, or difficult bonding with your baby during the postpartum period

  • feeling worried or uncertain around becoming a parent, giving birth, or your changing body during pregnancy and postpartum

  • transitioning to becoming a parent; decisions about returning to paid employment/career

  • finding a healthy career/home balance

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