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Couples and Relationship Therapy. 

I can help you and your partner move from conflict and misunderstanding to calm and connection.

  • Do you find it difficult to feel connected to your partner?

  • Are you wanting healthier ways to manage conflict?


  • Do you often wish you and your partner could communicate with one another better without it turning into the same, old fights?

  • Does is seem like your partner is withdrawn?

  • Or are you often wondering if your partner is going to tell you what you've done wrong (again) or what new relationship problem there is to fix now?

  • Does it seem like your and your partner have a hard time hearing each other without it turning into an argument?


  • Has it been too long since you've felt on the "same page" with your partner?

  • Are you struggling with differences in sex drive or interest? 

I'm trained in Emotionally-Focused Therapy and the Gottman Method, both evidence-based modalities that can address these issues and more. 

I offer couples' therapy for those who are interested in:


  • exploring relationship patterns and increasing both partners' satisfaction within the relationship

  • gaining tools for healthier communication ​

  • reducing the frequency and intensity of arguments

  • establishing a deeper level of trust and intimacy 

  • identifying precursors to arguments and how to self-soothe in the moment for better outcomes​​



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