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Parent Information

Despite the sometimes very distressing and serious nature of the issues teens bring with them to counseling, I love working with teens and their families. I have an enormous amount of respect for those navigating this often acutely stressful time of life. I find that by establishing a trusting, non-judgmental therapeutic environment wherein both the teen and parent(s) or guardian(s) feel respected and valued, positive changes often occur.


As this kind of therapeutic relationship is foundational for effective teen counseling to occur, I offer a free 30-minute, in-person consultation for teens and their families to ensure we are a good fit. 

My Experience

I have post-graduate training and experience using Motivational Interviewing, which is a therapeutic approach that helps to engage, draw out, and build upon internal motivation to create positive change. I find that this approach, when coupled with Narrative Therapy is highly effective when used with teens in the context of a trusting therapeutic environment.

I have experience counseling teens who are dealing with the following issues:

  • alcohol and/or drug use or addiction

  • self-harm

  • suicidal thoughts

  • low self-esteem

  • depression

  • anxiety 

  • anger management difficulties

  • lack of healthy coping skills

  • stress management

  • parent/child relationship problems

  • school problems

  • peer relationship difficulties

  • challenges unique to being a LGBTQ youth

How it Works

Most often, I first meet with the parent(s) or primary guardian(s) and teen together to learn about what is hoping to be gained from the counseling process. From there, my sessions will be primarily individual sessions with your teen, engaging family sessions only as is necessary to support individual work. I use a non-judgmental and supportive therapeutic environment to create a trusting relationship with your teen. Once that is established, we will co-create a plan for positive changes and growth they desire to make.

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